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Anjel Newmann (she/her) is a Black American artist, social designer and educator from Rhode Island. Leveraging values of Hip Hop and Black culture as a whole, at its root, Anjel's work is about co-creating spaces that center those most impacted by systems of oppression, to reimagine a future that is as magical as it is just. 


Anjel specializes in using principles of design to support organizations to deepen their commitment to antiracism. Currently, Anjel serves as Co-Executive at AS220, a local community arts organization, with a serious commitment to designing systems that support the growth of Black and Brown youth into and throughout the organization. 


Anjel received her bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Change and her Masters in Urban Education. She now serves as an adjunct professor at Providence College and core faculty with College Unbound, both schools from which she graduated. 


In 2024, Mayor Smiley appointed Anjel to the PPSD School Board. In this role, she plans to use her experience as a creative educator, mother, and community organizer to purposefully advocate for the needs of Providence students, while also working to center a spirit of creativity in the policies, processes and programs within the district.

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