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6th Annual Juneteenth RI  
Run of Show

June 22nd- Saturday 12pm - 7pm


12:00pm            EMCEE HOST "BAD LAD"

12:05pm            OPENING prayer 5min

12:10pm            Black National Anthem 

12:15pm.           Kyle Campbell

12:30pm            Anjel Newman(spoken) 

12:45pm            Jay Lew Artist/Rapper 

1:00pm             Words from Officials 

1:15pm               Shiquan Davis 

1:30pm               Blackout Drummers 

2:25pm               John Hope 

2:45pm               Nyisha Conry Siliya 

3:10pm               Mike Rollins 

3:25pm                Juneteenth Choir

4:00pm               Presentations, Words & DJ 
5:00pm              “STOKLEY” Special Guest Artist  
7:00pm               END OF EVENT

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