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QUATIA OSORIO BSBA, BS HSM, SPM, CCHW, CLC, MCHS, CMCHW, CPE Doula is a Rhode Island native state born and raised.  A Mother of 5, married for 13 years, she is a  Bryant University graduate in Business Management and  Jefferson University graduate in Health Services Management. Currently, she is enrolled at the National School of Midwifery. She is a certified community health worker, lactation counselor, community birth and postpartum doula, maternal child health specialist,  maternal certified community health worker, and certified childbirth educator.

She is the Founder of Our Journ3i, a perinatal community-led, based wellness center focusing on eliminating health determinants of communities of color through maternal support, education, advocacy, and awareness. She has hosted several intentional Black and BIPOC workforce development perinatal doula trainings, as a Certified Trainer. She is the founder and agency director of the RI Perinatal Doula Agency. She is the Lead Facilitator of Chocolate Milk Cafe RI, a Black breastfeeding support group. She is a HealthConnectOne Birth Equity Leader and CityMatCH CityLeader in Rhode Island. A Maternal Child Health Advocate she currently continues her studies to become a Certified Midwife. She currently is the RIDOH Perinatal Community Consultant. She has been a member of the following RI associations/organizations: Doulas of Rhode Island, RI Birth Worker Cooperative, and National Certified Professional Midwives - RI Chapter.  In the past, she has served on the Black Maternal Health Taskforce,  Pregnancy Postpartum Death Review Committee, and Perinatal Quality Collaborative of RI and Perinatal Community Consultant for the Rhode Island Department of Health in Maternal Child Health. 

Mrs. Osorio was a major force in the creation and passage of the RI Doula Reimbursement Act that mandated RI-based public and private insurance to cover doula services. She also helped to form equitable Certified Perinatal Doula (CPD) certification standards in collaboration with other workforce professionals, the RI Certifying Board, and Doulas of Rhode Island. Her work includes being one of the Founding Directors of the RI Birth Worker Cooperative, a doula owned and led shared billing cooperative to navigate doulas through the insurance reimbursement process.

In 2023, she opened up the Urban Perinatal Education Center in Pawtucket. The Urban Perinatal Education Center is RI’s first Black and BIPOC maternal medical home for perinatal education and services. She opened it's free-standing clinic for episodic care prenatally and postpartum with a traditional Midwifery care model for episodic gap care weeks 4-11 in early pregnancy. The Urban Perinatal Education Center, UPEC, teaches a 5 series of childbirth education programs throughout the week from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. UPEC creator of the doula referral hotline to support families, agencies, and providers seeking to connect with a Black and BIPOC doula in RI at 1833 RIDOULA. 

Lastly, she recently began her journey with a student clinical position at Agroterra Midwifery in East Providence and has become a grant partner for the State Maternal Health Innovation grant for the Rhode Island Certified Professional Midwifery Equity Initiative to promote more Black and BIPOC Midwives in Community over the next five years. 

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