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As a community leader, Sherrod is a self-motivated and results-driven professional who is committed, passionately dedicated, and understands the social-economic needs of the underserved communities in Rhode Island.


Rev. Dr. Sherrod was born in Baltimore, Maryland, moved to Rhode Island at a young age, and eventually became acclimated to the fast-paced lifestyle. At the age of 14, "Sherrod,” as he is affectionately known, began spiraling out of control in the streets of the West End of Providence, RI. After years of navigating through violent environments, he felt the impact of losing a few close friends and loved ones to gun violence and the prison system. These traumatic, life-altering experiences created a buildup of extreme frustration. Despite having the means and ability to seek retaliation through violence at times, he eventually chose to turn away from the street lifestyle and instead allowed God to direct his pathway.


Beyond the violence and noise of the streets, he felt deep within his heart that God had chosen him for a greater purpose and destiny in life. He made the decision to demonstrate true courage by seeking positive change. The transition from a street lifestyle was one of the most challenging decisions he has made. The path of seeking peace and purpose proved to be more difficult than his former choices of seeking violence. He learned how to channel his frustration and anger, gaining a more positive perspective. In doing so, he sacrificed his time and efforts to reach out to those who were being consumed by street violence and the chains of negative childhood conditions.  He began facilitating nonviolence and self-awareness workshops. He also supported adjudicated youth as an aftercare case manager within the Rhode Island Training School. (The Juvenile Prison System)


As time progressed, he continued to allow God to utilize his previous experience to build and uplift others. While spending time assisting others, he built himself up by seeking opportunities to grow emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. He attended and successfully completed skill-building programs, attaining several certificates and a college degree, as well as institutional licenses.


  • Social Work and Human Services, CCRI-currently pursuing.

  • BA in Theology and Certificate of License, Sure Foundation Theological Institute

  • Certificate of Completion in Ministerial Studies, The Cathedral School of Ministry

  • Licensed Chaplain, Anointed by God Alliance and Seminary-Chaplain N.Y. Task Force

  • Certificate of Completion, Providence Juvenile Hearing Board Orientation

  • Honorary Doctorate in Sacred Theology, Anointed by God Ministries Alliance, and Seminar


In 1999, Sherrod built and established a community-based organization called Curse Breakers Outreach Program, where he served as CEO and co-founder. Through this initiative, he assisted in the creation of community police substations throughout nine Providence city districts. • Managed and oversaw crisis prevention and intervention within Providence districts, in which various resources and assistance were made available for victims and families of street violence;  Created community advocacy programs focused on combating the extreme gang violence within Providence communities through aftercare services and self-awareness facilitation for adolescents.


 Sherrod is married to Marques Brown Jones. In this union, there are six children, six grandchildren, a son-in-law, and a daughter-in-law. Sherrod has been a senior pastor for the past 19 years. Rev. Sherrod is currently the lead pastor at Kingdom Culture Community Church RI, focusing on assisting community members through spiritual individual and family-faith-based counseling, food distribution, clothing assistance, and job search and retention programming.


 Sherrod believes in making a conscious effort every day to help someone. Giving back to our community one person at a time by getting to know our neighbors (names, professions, etc.), seeking out community organizations geared towards providing support and resources for individuals in our neighborhood, and volunteering time and talent to help others in our area.


“It takes a village to raise a child.”

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